August 8, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #5: A Discussion About Seattle Gents

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #5: A Discussion About Seattle Gents

In this episode, co-hosts Avi Soor & Antonio Smith dive a little bit deeper into what the organization is, the growth that the collective has seen, and what kind of events are hosted. Avi & Antonio also talk about how they style themselves during those few nice months in the Pacific Northwest.

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August 1, 2018

Wolf Clothing Co (Giveaway)



Wolf Clothing Co (Giveaway)

We’ve partnered with Wolf Clothing Co., a men’s premium fashion sock, underwear, and accessories brand based in Vancouver, B.C., to provide a giveaway contest to our followers! Through our collective influence, we’re looking help spread awareness of brands in the Pacific Northwest and provide value to our followers.

Wolf Clothing’s fashion socks are perfect for any style, whether you like professional or casual attire. They go well with sneakers, dress shoes, and even suede oxfords. If you’re looking for some fresh socks for a friend, your dad, your significant other, or for yourself, you can enter our giveaway contest by completing the following:

Like our post on the @SeattleGents Instagram page featuring @Wolf_Co

Contest ends on Tuesday 8/7 at 11:59 PM PST and we will be announcing a winner on Wednesday 8/8. Good luck!

July 24, 2018

Art + Fashion Combine Event


Art + Fashion Combine

This year Seattle Gents and YPOS are joining forces to bring you a series of events this summer – culminating in what’s become an end-of-summer classic, Dapper as * * * * (stay tuned for more on that).

In the meantime, we are both working with Seattle Art Fair to host a panel on the intersection of Art and Fashion. This panel will include leaders from Seattle Gents, Young Professionals of Seattle, the Seattle Art Fair community and will be hosted by Chloe Csadenyi-Benson from Gather Seattle. You won’t want to miss this once a year experience to learn from a diverse panel of individuals speaking about art, fashion and witness modern and contemporary art from around the world.

We’re excited to offer a discount to our followers for a unique Single Day ticket. We hope you’ll join us for the art experience you can’t miss. The fair features 100+ local, national and international galleries presenting the best in modern and contemporary art, as well as daily talks and live performances at the Seattle Art Fair, August 2-5, 2018 at CenturyLink Events Center. Mingle, learn and dress your best.

We’d be honored if you could join us, whether you’re able to attend one day or all three days of the festival. Discount applied to the All-Access Pass and Single Day Pass. Get your tickets here!


Date: August 4th, 2018

Time: 5:00 pm – 6 pm

Where: CenturyLink Field Event Center

Tickets: Get your tickets here

July 18, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #4: Being a Fashion Influencer featuring Andrew Hoge

Andrew Hoge

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #4: Being a Fashion Influencer featuring Andrew Hoge

In this episode, co-hosts Avi Soor & Antonio Smith sit down with men’s fashion blogger Andrew Hoge at a downtown Seattle restaurant. Raised in central Washington, Andrew talks about his background growing up in a conservative area and what it was like moving to a more progressive city like Seattle. His passion for fashion and involvement in the community has allowed him to be successful in so many ways.

Check out his blog at andrewhoge.com as well as some of his articles on Seattle Magazine!

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July 10, 2018

How Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

How are you taking care of yourself?

“Self-care is never a selfish act. It is only good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others.” – Parker J. Palmer.

There is nothing manlier than being independent in your ability to care for yourself, not just physically but emotionally. Confident men engage in self-care. They want to continuously improve their physical and mental appearance. That it is investing time and resources in grooming products that are designed to emphasize your strengths, as well as physical and mental activities. Focusing on self-care creates positive change and maintain wellness.

Manhood today is defined in terms of work, productivity and “get” mentality.  Instead why don’t men simply embrace other parts of themselves that make them who they are and most importantly make them happy?

Here are four ways the modern man can practice self-care:
  • Make time for yourself. Making time for yourself is not an act of selfishness. it is a priority as it is necessary to being at your best. If you are at your best everything around you is positively impacted. By the way, it does not mean that you have to devote most of your day to a physical activity. It could be as simple as listening to your favorite album on your daily commute or dedicate few hours to the gym every week or getting a haircut and a massage.
  • Embrace your physical and mental health. Staying on top of your mental as well as physical health can be nothing but beneficial in the long run. So make sure to get enough good night’s sleep. Have your yearly check-up proactively scheduled. Eat healthy and have a good hygiene practice.
  • Engage with the people that you care about and that respect and love you. Studies have shown that maintaining meaningful relationships positively influence mental health. When it comes to romantic relationships, spending time to maintain and develop your relationship, increases both the energy of the relationship, as well as your well-being, mood, and productivity.
  • Find what give you energy and ignite passion in your life. Is doing outdoor activities what get you going? Or simply enjoying reading a good book? Making time to engage in these activities, whatever they may be, is important to build into your schedule. Knowing what brings you joy and being proactive about it has been shown to increase well-being.

Make sure to pay attention to the little signs like a short temper or exhaustion, as it can help identify when it may be time for either a mental health day, or for a half hour or so to yourself, doing something that you know helps you “reset.”

Bottom line, Self-care isn’t just an activity you can build into your daily life. It’s a mindset that you should embody, involving putting yourself first, and checking in with yourself regularly to help put your best foot forward in everything you do. Remember, taking care of yourself creates the ground from which you impact your whole world. It is the most important thing you can focus on. Renewing yourself will help you perform better at work, improve your confidence and your life experience.

What are you waiting for?

Nora Paxton – Executive Life Coach for men


July 3, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #3: Perspective of a Minority in Fashion featuring Anthony J.R.

Anthony JR

In this episode, co-hosts Avi Soor & Antonio Smith have a deep conversation with event host, Anthony Ukaogo Jr. Anthony is the co-creator of Laidback Allure, a lifestyle and hospitality collective that inspires smart, simple and well-curated living through branded partnerships, events and consulting services. The Gents talk about how Anthony transitioned from Atlanta to Seattle as well as perspectives on how style is incorporated with building a brand or business, especially being a minority in Seattle.


Check out the Cognac Small Talk podcast series hosted by Anthony! You can find more about Laidback Allure through Instagram & Twitter as well as www.laidbackallure.com.

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June 26, 2018

Suited Soor & Curator of Cool present Spring Session

Spring session

Suited Soor & Curator of Cool present Spring Session

In May 2018, Avi Soor of Suited Soor and Endurance Weke of The Curator of Cool hosted Spring Session, an event where the two local bloggers featured their favorite spring outfits of the season. We wanted to give our community the chance to meet and mingle with other menswear influencers and enthusiasts in the community if they haven’t already.

The event was held at Scout PNW at the Thompson Hotel in downtown Seattle. We began the evening at the restaurant bar where everyone grabbed a cocktail. As most of our attendees arrived, we shifted over to the outside courtyard. The space was a perfect patio area for a small group to gather and chat.

Avi and Endurance took the stage for a few minutes to talk about how they like dressing up in spring. Endurance highlighted the importance of light clothing such as a searsucker shirt while Avi emphasized his preference of floral design and bright colors.

We have plenty more opportunities to get involved with our community this year. If you’re looking for a network of people who love fashion and style, be sure to RSVP for our next event. Stay tuned!

Avi Soor | Suited Soor
Suited Soor is a menswear fashion blog that focuses on professional dapper style with the intention of influencing individuals on what to wear in any situation, from a business setting to a social gathering. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, founder Avi Soor has infused his classic style with Seattle fashion. The goal of the blog is to influence like-minded individuals and inspire them to go out of the box with their style and having fun with dressing up. Incorporating the Pacific Northwest aesthetic, the Suited Soor blog has covered topics such as classic suiting, outerwear, men’s grooming, and many others.

Endurance Weke | Curator of Cool
The Curator of Cool is a blog that serves as a destination to educate men about menswear. Creator and founder, Endurance Weke, is known for his own unique sense of style. The goal is to provide a look book of men’s style and inspiration with tips which includes engaging fashion content for a variety of seasons and moments to meet a wide demographic of men’s needs. Endurance believes that this platform will allow men to find their confidence and develop their own individual style.

June 18, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #2: Everyone Has Their Own Unique Style

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #2: Everyone Has Their Own Unique Style

In Episode 2 of the The Gentleman’s Prologue that was recorded in early 2017, co-hosts Avi Soor & Antonio Smith talk about how confidence & style are related, what inspires them to dress the way they do, and what style trends they are looking to explore.

Follow us on our SoundCloud page and stay tuned as we have an exciting series featuring a few special guests where we talk about more than just fashion, but also about how it is being an influencer in today’s market.

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June 12, 2018

Seattle Gents x Ollie Quinn

Hello everyone!

Hector Diaz here, Seattle-based blogger of Geek Q. Welcome to another edition of The Seattle Narrative. We are a platform where curators and creators alike collaborate to bring you the best of Seattle’s fashion and style news and tips. Today I want to talk about one of our most recent partnerships with a brand that has been taking Seattle by the storm in terms of eyewear. That brand I’m talking about is the one and only Ollie Quinn. When it comes to accessories, it is paramount that such accessories mix and match well with your personal style. When you take a step into the brick-and-mortar location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, it feels like you’re in a style consulting session rather than shopping for glasses. The key is that the type of glasses you select needs to suit not only the clothes you wear, but also the lifestyle you have.

That’s why when a few of the Seattle Gents and I were invited to meet with Briar to choose our own pair of spectacles and sunglasses, I knew that we were in for a fun ride. You see, every one of us has a very different and unique sense of style. We combined these pairs of glasses with our own personal style and took a few group photos to showcase the diversity and variety of #TheModernGentleman. Something that we also feature in this photoshoot is a personalized Seattle Gents hat from each of us. The most important thing about being fashionable is being confident and feeling comfortable in your own clothes, since fashion is an expression of ourselves. Let’s go over a few of these fashionable men’s styles and see how the glasses that they chose work well with their individuality.


Antonio Smith (@antoniocdsmith)

First, we have Antonio’s look, which consisted of a gray topcoat paired up with a chambray shirt and some gray chinos. Here we can see that Antonio opted for a neutral palette in different shades of gray, which looks really hip and modern. Since Antonio is a big fan of street style, he chose a beanie as his Seattle Gents hat. Originally from Detroit, this look represents his urban and contemporary style. Antonio’s Ollie Quinn glasses are a black round paste rim with some highlights in baby blue. This is a very classic look and goes well with his personality, since he always pays attention to detail.

Austin Weige (@getweigewithit)

Then we have Austin’s outfit, which consists of a Mariners jersey worn on top of a light blue hoodie. He also wore a pair of skinny jeans and his signature Air Jordans. Austin is a high school basketball coach, so sports are a very big part of his everyday life. For his Seattle Gents hat, he followed along the sporty vibe with a Mariners baseball hat. Finally, for his Ollie Quinn glasses he opted for a paste-and-wire frame in tortoise color. Austin’s look paid homage to the Pacific Northwest by wearing the name and logo of one of Seattle’s most iconic sport teams.

Avi Soor (@suitedsoor)

Our next Gent is Avi, who can be seen wearing a navy-blue blazer on top of a gray Henley shirt along with some lighter blue slacks. A true businessman at heart, Avi incorporates that business vibe by adding the blazer with a floral pocket square. He went for some white sneakers to align with this season’s trends and a black snapback for his Seattle Gents hat. Avi knows his sense of style very well and being the dapper man that he generally is, he looks like he could own any of these boats on the lake. He paired his look with some thick paste, squared spectacles, which give this look that edgy vibe to still land on the street style realm.

Hector Diaz (@hector_diaz_mtz)

Finally, we have my look, which consisted of a wool tweed coat combined with some burgundy joggers on top of a washed denim button-down. I was trying to aim for that cool professor vibe since I’m a huge geek. I was able to accentuate this style with my Seattle Gents hat (an olive-green dad hat). However, to not look like your best friend’s uncle, I decided to elevate the look by wearing a pair of bright blue Nike’s. I opted for a clear paste frame for the glasses, which as the geek that I am just made it look a bit more intellectual but also kind of cool.

As you can see, even though we all have very different styles, Ollie Quinn was able to suit all of our needs. We could all find something that spoke about who we were and what we liked. I’d encourage you to pay a visit to our friends at the Capitol Hill store where I’m sure you’ll be gladly pleased by their vast array of different styles of glasses and sunglasses. If you do fall in love with their many frames, be sure to use the code OQGENTS for a 10% discount on their website or in the store!

If you liked these looks, make sure you follow each of these Gents on their own social media and The Seattle Narrative for more fashion and style from the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for reading and looking forward to writing you again soon. Until next time!

Photography by Karya Schanilec.

Antonio Smith Instagram

Shirt –  Levi’s

Pants –  Joe’s Jeans

Glasses –  Ollie Quinn

Hat (Custom) –  Lids

Coat – Gap

Shoes – Zara


Austin Weige Instagram

Jeans – Zara

Sweatshirt – Topman

Jersey – MLB Shop

Shoes – Nike

Hat (Custom) – Lids

Glasses – Ollie Quinn

Watch – Nordstrom


Avi Soor Instagram

Pants – Mason Tapered Rapid Movement Chino

Shirt – CSG Basic V-Neck

Navy Blue Blazer – Topman(Similar)

Shoes – Stan Smith Adidas

Pocket Square – Fleur Floral Pocket Squareby Pocket Square Clothing

Glasses –Ollie Quinn


Hector Diaz Instagram

Brown tweed coat – Hockerty(Similar)

Shirt – Abercrombie and Fitch

Pants – The Rail at Nordstrom

Hat (Custom) – Lids

Shoes – Nike

Glasses – Ollie Quinn

May 29, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #1: How It All Started

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #1: How It All Started
It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to finally introduce The Gentleman’s Prologue, an audio series hosted by Seattle Gents co-founders Avi Soor & Antonio Smith! Get to know the Gents background, interest in menswear, perception of Seattle fashion, and how they started Seattle Gents in Episode #1 of the series.

Follow us on our SoundCloud page and stay tuned as we have an exciting series featuring a few special guests where we talk about more than just fashion, but also about how it is being an influencer in today’s market.

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