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October 23, 2019

Layering Up for Fall featuring Mizzen+Main

Layering Up for Fall featuring Mizzen+Main

We partnered with Mizzen+Main to show you how to layer up this fall! What most of us fashionable men love to think about in the fall when it comes to style is finding pieces with the right kind of tones and the perfect amount of layering.

If you're looking for some ideas for layering pieces, check out the link below for our styles and read on to see how 2 of our influencers chose their outfits!


Influencer Alex Hooi (@thealexlad) chose to layer the Archer dress shirt with the Wooster quarter zip, which is a warm, pullover sweater perfect for Seattle weather. This outfit is a good choice if you are a corporate professional in tech like Alex who works at a company with a relaxed dress code. His style is usually either dapper or casual.

Influencer Hector Diaz (@hector_diaz_mtz) went with the Belson charcoal heather vest over the Malone shirt. Hector is an engineer by trade who works in the tech industry and he doesn't like to dress up formally at work. The outfit he chose blends casual and professional together. For more fashion inspiration, check out his blog Geek-Q.

Mizzen+Main is a purveyor of performance menswear that focuses on quality material. Their fabric is wrinkle resistant, machine washable, non-iron, stretchy, and super comfortable. If you're a professional who is looking to find layering pieces this fall, check out the Mizzen+Main site for their new fall products!