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    Suited Soor & Curator of Cool present Spring Session

    June 26, 2018

June 26, 2018

Suited Soor & Curator of Cool present Spring Session

Spring session

Suited Soor & Curator of Cool present Spring Session

In May 2018, Avi Soor of Suited Soor and Endurance Weke of The Curator of Cool hosted Spring Session, an event where the two local bloggers featured their favorite spring outfits of the season. We wanted to give our community the chance to meet and mingle with other menswear influencers and enthusiasts in the community if they haven’t already.

The event was held at Scout PNW at the Thompson Hotel in downtown Seattle. We began the evening at the restaurant bar where everyone grabbed a cocktail. As most of our attendees arrived, we shifted over to the outside courtyard. The space was a perfect patio area for a small group to gather and chat.

Avi and Endurance took the stage for a few minutes to talk about how they like dressing up in spring. Endurance highlighted the importance of light clothing such as a searsucker shirt while Avi emphasized his preference of floral design and bright colors.

We have plenty more opportunities to get involved with our community this year. If you’re looking for a network of people who love fashion and style, be sure to RSVP for our next event. Stay tuned!

Avi Soor | Suited Soor
Suited Soor is a menswear fashion blog that focuses on professional dapper style with the intention of influencing individuals on what to wear in any situation, from a business setting to a social gathering. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, founder Avi Soor has infused his classic style with Seattle fashion. The goal of the blog is to influence like-minded individuals and inspire them to go out of the box with their style and having fun with dressing up. Incorporating the Pacific Northwest aesthetic, the Suited Soor blog has covered topics such as classic suiting, outerwear, men’s grooming, and many others.

Endurance Weke | Curator of Cool
The Curator of Cool is a blog that serves as a destination to educate men about menswear. Creator and founder, Endurance Weke, is known for his own unique sense of style. The goal is to provide a look book of men’s style and inspiration with tips which includes engaging fashion content for a variety of seasons and moments to meet a wide demographic of men’s needs. Endurance believes that this platform will allow men to find their confidence and develop their own individual style.


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