Seattle Gents is an influencer marketing agency looking to build partnerships with local and non-local brands. Our content focuses on everything to do with being the Modern Man, whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, dining, travel, or hospitality. If you are a business looking to reach the growing Pacific Northwest market, work with us!

Seattle Gents
Influencer Strategy

We have an official network of lifestyle influencers that we work with on brand collaborations and campaigns. Are you looking to spread awareness of a new product? Are you looking to collect an email list of customers through a giveaway contest? Do you need access to a group of influencers that fit your brand message?

As we partner with members of our collective, we work together to create a social media strategy by leveraging the creativity of each influencer and their unique style profile. Click here for a full list of our influencers.

Influencer Relations

We have built strong relationships with members in our collective as we liaison between brand partners and the influencers themselves. To make things easier for the brand partner, we serve as the intermediary so that we can minimize back and forth communications during the campaign process.

Content Creation

We facilitate high quality content creation with the influencers that are part of the brand campaign, such as organizing group photo shoots, hiring photographers and videographers to capture content, or even leaning on the influencers themselves to create their own unique content. Check out some our recent campaigns:

  1. Sutro Footwear Lookbook
  2. Beckett Simonon Giveaway Contest
  3. Nordstrom Looks
Event Coordination

Looking for access to a large customer base in Seattle? We’ve hosted several events with our brand partners, such as new store openings, new product or menu launches, or general events to spread awareness of their brand. Here are some of our notable events:

  1. Rodd & Gunn Store Opening
  2. Style & Grooming Event with J. Hilburn & Weldon Barbers
  3. The Modern Man: A 2-Year Anniversary Celebration
Event Coordination
Interested in being a sponsor at one of our upcoming events?

If you’re interested in being a sponsor for one of our upcoming events and would like to reach our community, online and offline, contact us and we can provide more information!