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    Seattle Gents Kicks Collection

    December 19, 2018

December 19, 2018

Seattle Gents Kicks Collection

Seattle Gents  kicks

Seattle Gents Kicks Collection

No outfit is complete without the right shoe. And the thing is, shoes are so fundamental to an outfit as the clothes themselves, or any accessory whatsoever. It is through the right shoe that you can elevate a look to a whole other level, or tone it down so that it meets the situation and place you’re going to be in. A true gentleman knows that the best way to obtain excellent results out from every ensemble you try on is to pair it with the right shoe, and that’s why a few of the Seattle Gents have thrown their best advice forward in the following piece. This post, called the Seattle Gents Kicks Collection, is a detailed view into 5 different looks complimented by 5 different pairs of shoes. Let’s take a look and see how each one of these shoes reflect the style and personality of the person wearing them, as we learn about an incredible part of the city of Seattle.

This time, the Gents and I gathered for a very casual street meetup in one of Seattle’s most iconic neighborhoods: Capitol Hill. You can see how we have multiple styles represented in these photographs, from sporty casual, to dapper, to urban streetstyle. Each one of us chose a style and tone that represented who we are as style bloggers and fashion lovers. Capitol Hill has a huge history in the city of Seattle. There are both new and old buildings, pharmacies that used to be movie theaters, clean brick walls, and industrial storage spaces. It has evolved with the city too, since now it’s Seattle’s biggest nightlife district and also hosts delicious restaurants from all over the world. It is a multicultural and worldly neighborhood, and we wanted to represent that through our looks.

Antonio Smith (@antoniocdsmith

“My white kicks represents a clean universal aesthetic. I wear them to keep a subtle effortless look.” 

Ryan Walker (@walkoflife503

“As a Portland native sneaker culture is in my blood. Now that I am suited up most days of the week, I jump on the opportunity to rock a good sneaker. On the weekends I love to dress down a look with a good pair of Nike’s. One of my go-to’s are the Air VaporMax SE Laceless. These sneakers are subtle mix of a slip-on loafer, fly knit trainer and VaporMax. The unique look of this shoe always turns head. Whenever I slip these on, I am ready to take on my busy schedule.”

Avi Soor (@suitedsoor

“The style I focus on is the professional, dapper look. My shoes represent a classic style of #TheModernGentleman, including intricate details and handcrafted form for a monk shoe.” 

Hector Diaz (@hector_diaz_mtz

“Style-wise I can go anywhere from streetstyle to dapper. That’s why these pair of Adidas sneakers can never be a bad choice. Whether it’s with chinos and a blazer, or some utility pants and jacket, these black classics will make you look sharp while also being extremely comfortable.”

Alex Hooi (@thealexlad

“My style often tends to the classic and conservative side, but I like including in a detail here or there to add some interest. I love these Goodwin Smith’s (@goodwinsmithuk) because they offer a classic shoe with a twist: the triple monkstrap is unusual in and of itself, but the arrangement of the buckles adds even more flair, and it’s all finished in this wonderful shade of blue that is both understated but striking.”

Kicks Seattle Gents

We hope that these quotes and advice from the very best can help you choose next time you’re looking for a pair of shoes to suit your outfit’s needs. As you can see, variety is key to being able to address any situation, and in the end it all depends on how you put everything together to not only make the shoe shine, but your whole look. Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments what’s your favorite shoe, and hopefully we’ll have another post next season so you can see what works best for spring-summer. For now, I’ll leave you, just remember to let your shoe do the talk. Till next time!


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