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Stuck in grunge? Overly casual? How to buck some Seattle style trends

Long known for its grunge fashion sense, the greater Seattle area’s new trend, especially among the techie set, is what some call overly casual. This is part of the reason that Antonio Smith and Avi Soor co-founded Seattle Gents, to get social influencers who enjoy fashion, collaborating together and helping others navigate their way into more style.

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The Menswear Movement

Antonio Smith and Avi Soor, both menswear style influencers, started the Seattle Gents — a group that connects stylish guys with each other and fashion brands. They host Seattle Gents events, where a large assortment of finely dressed men network.

Hot Topics: Butt crack jeans, pumpkin spice deodorant and Taylor Swift!

Antonio Smith, Richard Meharry and Alex Hooi of the Seattle Gents weighed in on some of the week’s trending topics on King 5’s New Day Northwest.

What to wear on a first date? Experts weigh in

Dating is tough. Figuring out what to wear, how to act, what to say and – don’t forget – potentially planning an escape route. We chatted with some local experts to get the DL on how to dress and how to show your best self for that first (often awkward) one-on-one.