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    Our 5 Favorite Bakeries in Seattle

    November 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

Our 5 Favorite Bakeries in Seattle

Our 5 Favorite Bakeries in Seattle

Some of the very best places to stop for croissants and a coffee

Picks by Chanson Kuo

Sweet or savory? Croissant or brioche? Coffee or tea? For here or to go? Whether it’s for new folks in town, soon-to-be regulars, or seasoned pastry addicts, bakeries are one of the few places where you walk in and are immediately greeted with dozens of options – most of which you can’t even pronounce, but all of which are delicious. 

In a fast-paced city, sometimes it’s nice just to sit down inside somewhere, avoid the rain, and chow down on some carbs and cholesterol. The appeal of flour, sugar, and butter is pretty much universal, so here’s our picks for our favorite bakeries in the Seattle area – go treat yourself.   

Note: the following is not a ranking, features are listed in no particular order

Bakery Nouveau

An iconic installation of Seattle, Bakery Nouveau has been around for years, now with three locations throughout the Puget Sound area. Nouveau boasts a wide array of choices between pastries, desserts, fresh baked bread, and even pizza, so you could go there for breakfast, lunch, or even just a mid-day snack. In the past couple years, Bakery Nouveau have even started their own line of craft chocolate – perfect for a gift or as a treat for yourself 😉 

Our picks: Any of the Gateaus (French layer mousse bar cake), Savory Croissant, Twice-baked Almond Croissant

La Parisienne

A relative newcomer to the area, the founder of La Parisienne comes straight from Paris to realize his dream of opening a bakery in the US. We’re lucky he chose Seattle, as their creations are incredibly elegant. We almost felt bad tearing into their superbly crafted pastries, but it quickly faded away when we found them to taste even better than they look. 

Our picks: Paris Brest, Tuna & Red Pepper Quiche, Seasonal Fruit Tart


Hiroki’s offerings are not in the same ethnic ilk as the European establishments on our list, but are no less delicious. This place has quite the homey feel, as it’s run straight out of what appears to be a modified living room (don’t worry – they have all the necessary food safety permits on display). Though their hours are rather odd, it’s worth it to stop by when you get a chance. 

Our picks: Green tea tiramisu, Houji latte

Sea Wolf Bakers

Opened by brothers & fellow Washingtonians Jesse and Kit Schumann, Seawolf offers an interesting selection of pastries and breads not found at some of the other places on our list. Their primary focus is on fresh bread rather than pastry, so go on ahead and grab a loaf for lunch, dinner, or maybe just to chew on right then and there. 

Our picks:  Classic Baguette, Rye Sourdough

Crumble and Flake

Though no longer headed by their former pastry chef Neil Robertson as of late 2018, the new folks running the show at Crumble & Flake still reproduce that same level of quality that brought the little hole-in-the-wall to the fore some years ago. Don’t expect a place to sit – Crumble & Flake’s space is roughly the size of my bedroom. Compared to some of the other spots on our list, Crumble & Flake offers a limited selection, but have really taken “quality over quantity” to heart. Tucked away in a small corner of Olive Way, get there early before they sell out for the day!

Our picks: Classic Kouign Amann, Twice-Baked Ham & Paprika Croissant

Hope you enjoy!

About the Author
Chanson is an undergrad student at the University of Washington and has an affinity for pastry and for bean-to-bar chocolate. He prefers savory over sweet and thinks oat milk is the best alternative milk. 


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