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    How we helped Rashad Little grow his Instagram following by more than 6 times

Since launching the official Seattle Gents membership in January 2019 to influencers in the Seattle area, we’ve seen tremendous growth overall with social followings as a collective and on an individual basis. One of our influencers, Rashad Little, is fairly new social media and he was able to grow his Instagram following more than 500% in a seven month period this year!

Through Seattle Gents collaboration and individual partnerships through his own brand, he grew from 1,000 followers in March 2019 to 6,500 followers at the end of September 2019 on his Instagram page @mrrlittle. On average, his following was growing about 30% each month and overall grew more than 6 times.

Rashad is a recent transplant to Seattle from the east coast and has a passion for creating content with amazing brands. When he moved to Seattle in fall of 2018, he was eager to connect with individuals in the city who share the same passion. Getting involved with Seattle Gents has allowed him to grow his brand and create a platform to collaborate with other influencers. He has taken his page to another level and strengthened his brand by reaching out to businesses on his own and setting up custom partnerships.

Rashad collaborated with us in our spring 2019 giveaway campaign with footwear brand Beckett Simonon and moderated the Seattle Style Panel in August. Notable through his brand include Banana Republic, Members Only, Adane, Ties.com, and Sutro Footwear.