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May 29, 2018

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #1: How It All Started

The Gentleman’s Prologue Episode #1: How It All Started
It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to finally introduce The Gentleman’s Prologue, an audio series hosted by Seattle Gents co-founders Avi Soor & Antonio Smith! Get to know the Gents background, interest in menswear, perception of Seattle fashion, and how they started Seattle Gents in Episode #1 of the series.

Follow us on our SoundCloud page and stay tuned as we have an exciting series featuring a few special guests where we talk about more than just fashion, but also about how it is being an influencer in today’s market.

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May 15, 2018

Introduction to the Seattle Gents

One question we’ve heard frequently during our first year was, “What exactly is the Seattle Gents”? Well, we wrote this blog post to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit more about who we are and what we are aiming to achieve.

We are a community of menswear influencers and enthusiasts with a goal of putting Seattle on the map. For a long time, Seattle has been thought of as only a grunge city with a passive tone. Over the past decade our city has seen huge economic and population growth, transforming its culture and sense of community. Our plan is to highlight the culture in the Seattle metro area around fashion, food and hospitality. 

We want to define what it means to be a man about the city. We want to bring awareness to popular hot spots in Seattle and show you what to wear when you visit. If we can grow together and be as impactful to the community as we can, we will all achieve success together.

If you are a male (or even a female) in the Seattle area who is looking for a group of individuals to connect with, then please be involved because we are only growing as a community and there are lots of opportunities in the horizon.

As we continue to do what we are passionate about, the city will show its community what the true potential of its influencers and creatives can achieve. Along with that, we hope to inspire individuals who are looking to build their confidence, whether they are on their first date, job interview, networking event, or whatever it is that they want to be successful in. There is a community for you and as Seattle’s tastemakers, Seattle Gents will bring more opportunity for such a great city.

Stay tuned as we release a new audio series hosted by co-founders Antonio Smith & Avi Soor on SoundCloud in the coming weeks!